Barley (Jau) Espresso Cookie

“Coffee is a cup of hope in a world full of chaos & Mondays” ---A wise man’s saying.

What happens when your favorite cup of coffee is combined with a bowl of wholesome grains? Our Barley Espresso Cookie was born out of this wonderful idea. Barley has the highest fibre % as compared to oats, wheat and rice. It is also very high in protein and is lower in soluble carbohydrates. Barley is a part of our seed revival project in Vidarbha that directly impacts 1,500 small farmers.

We found the seeds of the local barley variety in the plains of Gadhchiroli (Maharashtra) and started growing it over twenty acres of land in early 2017.

  • Zero refined sugar
  • Free from maida, preservatives & additives
  • Rich in Fibre & Protein

Tip : Barley Espresso cookie tastes amazing with a hot cup of chai, coffee or milk. Or enjoy them as it is as a breakfast cookie or as a 5 PM snack.

Where are the ingredients sourced from:

  • Barley sourced from small farmers in Vidrabha & malted by our rural women;s co-operative in Ahmednagar (Maharashtra)
  • Coffee sourced from small farmers in Karnataka
  • Jaggery sourced from farmers in Kolhapur

Energy - 443 kcal Protein - 8.41g
Carbohydrate - 73.74g  Iron - 5.08mg
Sugar (Jaggery) - 24.62g  Total Fat - 12.67g

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