Whole wheat crackers (Orginal Cheese)

Cheese which was made over 4000 years ago by mistake has become our favorite all time topping and flavour. Over a period of time, the originality of cheese has gotten lost in the factory made artificial cheese flavour. Happy Roots like all its other products decided to build an honest artisanal cheese product that gives you 100% authenticity of whole wheat and craft cheese without compromising on its flavour or quality.

Our Original Cheese Crackers gives you the satisfaction of eating natural unprocessed mixed with 100% whole wheat flour and natural whey liquid.  The dough is infused with grated cheese which then melts while baking and gives you the perfect taste of cheese with crunch.The ingredients used are purely natural including the cheese powder which makes the product an original.

Tip - Pair it with a spicy dip and it can be a ready snack for in house party or quick munch at your office!

  • Baked
  • 100% artisanal cheese (no synthetic powders or flavours) 
  • No maida, preservatives, artificial colors & flavours
  • Rich in Protein & Calcium
  • Zero refined sugar
  • No Corn and other junk substitutes 

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