Whole Wheat Dill Spicy Crackers

Indian tea break is incomplete without something namkeen and spicy. Let go of your samosa and pakora because our delicious spicy Dill cracker is here to save your day! This time again we bring you the goodness of 100% whole wheat and natural whey liquid; mixed with the popular local herb - Dill (Shepu). To add to the spiciness there is some hot local chilli and an Indian spice mix.

  • Free from maida, preservatives & additives
  • Rich in Protein & Calcium
  • Zero or negligible sugar

Tip : Pair it with Cream cheese, plain cheese dip or a fresh yogurt dip. You can also chop some onion, tomato & coriander, place them on top of your cracker and enjoy them as a party snack! Tastes great with a hot cup of chai! 

Where are the ingredients sourced from:

  • Wheat sourced from small farmers in Vidrabha
  • Whey and herbs sourced from farmers in Pune district
  • Spices sourced from farmers in Kolhapur 

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