About Us

Barley Revival Project in Akola

Barley is a hardy crop, which was once farmed in dry, hot regions of Maharashtra. Barley slowly lost it's charm and became a wild crop which is now grown as a cattle feed in the Nasik and Gadhchiroli region of Maharashtra. In 2017 we partnered with 1,200 small farmers from Akola (Maharashtra) and Chetana Organics and Brewcrafts Microbrewing (popularly knows as Doolally) to revive this crop in Vidarbha. The project demonstration has been successfully completed and is transitioning into a commercially viable project to cover 100 acres land. Team Happy Roots has put together a delicious sweet snack made from this homegrown barley, which will be launched in October, 2017.

Barley Espresso Cookies

The decadence of Espresso paired with the goodness of Barley. Our Barley Espresso cookie tastes amazing with a hot cup of coffee or milk. You can also enjoy them as it is as your breakfast cookie or as a 5 PM snack. Barley is a part of our seed revival project in Vidarbha that directly impacts 1,500 small farmers.

Buckwheat Seed Conservation & Revival Project in Ahmednagar

Buckwheat is a pseudo-cereal or fruit seed which is usually found in himalayan regions of India. Buckwheat is rich in digestible protein, antioxidants and minerals. This seed is also gluten-free. Team Happy Roots, accidentally discovered this seed during a study project in the tribal hills of Ahmednagar district. Knowing the world popularity of Buckwheat, we initiated a dialogue and partnered with 50 tribal women farmers from the region, to grow this crop. Last year we did our first pilot farming of Buckwheat in association with Lokpanchayat and Baliraja Krushak Producer Company. We created our delicious Buckwheat Gingersnaps from our first harvest. The gingersnaps went on to become our highest selling product and gave the much deserved success to our farmer's hard work. This year in October we will harvest 1 tonne of Buckwheat (double of what we did last year). Our women farmers have started beekeeping on these farms; which has not only increased the crop yield but has become a profitable income source.