Whole wheat crackers (Cheese and Indian Red Onion)

When life is too plain for cheese, it needs onions to spice it up!

Our Cheese and Onion Cracker are the perfect healthy pops you need on the go. They are made from 100% whole wheat and natural whey liquid infused with original cheese powder and dried onion powder. The small crispy crackers give you the taste of mild cheese and sweet onion and makes you eat more and more without the guilt of junk.

We use 100% artisanal cheese to make it the honest, healthy snack that it is. Enjoy it with a piping hot cup of tea, beer or just as it is!

  • Baked
  • No maida, preservatives, artificial colors & flavours
  • Rich in Protein & Calcium
  • Zero refined sugar
  • No Corn and other junk substitutes 

Where are the ingredients sourced from:

  • Whole wheat flour sourced from small farmers in Vidrabha
  • Whey and herbs sourced from farmers in Pune district

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